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Furnace Repair and Maintenance

If the idea of replacing your furnace makes you nervous, consider this: replacing an aging furnace with a newer model can save you hundreds, even thousands in repairs and energy bills.  We’ve been helping homeowners in Virginia Beach and Tidewater replace or install new high-efficiency heating systems for over 20 years.

How to know it may be time to replace your furnace

There are several signs to look for that could indicate a need for replacement. Some of the most telling indicators include:

  • A yellow or flickering pilot light.
  • Scale, also known as specks of rust collecting on the pilot light.
  • Rising energy bills.
  • If the unit has required frequent repairs in the past two years.
  • Physical damage to the unit.

The technicians at Airforce HVAC will let you know if replacing your furnace is the better option rather than repairing it.

Benefits of Professional Replacement

When dealing with a furnace replacement, it’s important to hire professionals. Working in small spaces alongside combustible materials means that safety should be a number one concern.

Airforce HVAC technicians understand the latest building and safety codes. We work with the brands in the industry and make sure your new furnace seamlessly integrates into your current ductwork.  And we always guarantee our work, so you never have to worry about being dissatisfied.


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