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Solar Panels

Obviously limiting the amount of shade exposure to the system is preferred, but the sun doesn’t need to shine 300+ days a year to make solar a wise investment. Identical solar systems placed in the sunniest and cloudiest locations would differ by only about 15 to 20% in electricity generation (photovoltaic cells actually operate more efficiently in cooler temperatures).

The ideal position to install solar panels is on a south-facing roof, however, an east-west configured roof can still produce sufficient electricity to make it worth your while to go solar. Also, panels are typically installed at an angle, either along the roof’s curves or propped up if the roof is flat, to receive direct sunlight during peak hours of sunlight.

Solar panels have a 30-year lifespan and lose approximately 0.5% in efficiency each year. The only maintenance required is to clean them a couple times a year to remove dirt. The only part that requires replacement is the inverter.

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In the News

New Solar Panel Installation Advances Campus Sustainability And Offers Teaching Opportunities

Norfolk Academy has taken a strong step forward in campus sustainability with the installation of an extensive array of solar panels, an initiative led by several parents at the school. It is one of the largest rooftop solar arrays in Virginia and the largest on any Hampton Roads school.  Read more here

University of Richmond Solar Project

Virginia’s solar footprint expanded in central Virginia with the debut of an impressive set of rooftop panels in 2016 at the University of Richmond expected to generate enough electricity to power a campus dorm.  Read more here

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Solar Panels

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