The Fall Season Means Cooler Temperatures

  Now that the summer months are officially over it is time to welcome the fall season. In Hampton Roads, we can still feel the summer heat in September with the need for our air conditioning systems to be on full blast, but once October arrives the temperatures will see a significant drop. Here are … Read more

Solar Panels For Your Home or Business

    A few years ago when the words “solar panels” were mentioned many weren’t familiar to what exactly they were and those who had somewhat of an idea what they were felt it wasn’t an option for them. Fast forward to the present and solar panels have become more affordable than ever. Many homeowners … Read more

The Benefits of Air Conditioning


Having a clean, functional, and efficient air conditioning system makes the quality of living better due to better comfort levels, but did you know an air conditioner is good for your health? Here are a few health benefits of having a good quality air conditioner in your home or business:

Respiratory Conditions

Those with respiratory diseases such as asthma can benefit from the cool clean air coming from an air conditioner because it reduces dusts, pollen, and dust mites. Allergens in the home or workplace can trigger an asthma flare up or asthma attack resulting in problems breathing or if severe a trip to the hospital. Asthma isn’t the only respiratory disease that will benefit  from a clean and efficient air conditioning system. Those who have emphysema, lung cancer, or COPD can greatly benefit from the clean cool air circulating in their home. Hot, humid, damp, and moldy air will just negatively effect those with respiratory conditions, from having a harder time breathing to making their health condition worst. The key is to make sure the AC filters are often cleaned to reduce allergens and the system is regularly checked and maintained.

Mold and Bacteria

Mold and bacteria tend to grow more in damp humid environments, which is why you see a lot of mold in older homes where there is little air circulation. Whether your home is older or new, maintaining your home’s air temperature is imperative to keep mold growth at bay. Exposure to mold can cause stuffiness, throat irritation, skin irritation, wheezing, and skin irritation. Here is how to keep mold out of your home:

  • Good air circulation
  • Good ventilation
  • Low humidity
  • Clean Cool Air
  • Dry up any drips, leaks, or spills

Having a good cooling system is essential to reduce bacteria and mold growth.

Body Temperature

A low body temperature will not only drain you of your energy, but it can also cause dehydration and trigger a heat stroke. Your immune system can be affected negatively if your body temperature is constantly changing which can put you  at a higher risk of coming down with an illness.

Overall Wellness

Your quality of living is influenced by your environment. If you feel comfortable in your home or work you will tend to be more positive, productive, and healthier. You are able to do what you enjoy more comfortably like watching television, reading a book, cooking, online shopping, watching Netflix, and spending time with your loved ones. Having a good air conditioning system in your home will help positively affect you from the inside out.


Keep Your Family Cool This Summer

Keep your family cool and comfortable this summer!


If you haven’t gotten your home’s air conditioning system repaired, serviced, or installed now is the time to do it! Do not wait until your air conditioning system breaks down and goes out of order, especially during a hot and humid Virginia summer. If you live in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, or surrounding towns in the Hampton Roads area we can get your home cooling system running the most efficiently so you can live comfortably during the dog-days of summer.

AC maintenance is essential because anything with moving parts goes through wear and tear and your air conditioner is no exception. Just like your car if it isn’t properly maintained it’s lifespan will be shortened. Repairing any problems early on will ensure your AC is ready for heavy summer use. Regular maintenance will save you a lot of money in repairs and save you and your family from the discomfort and stress of a non-working system.

Family First

If you have children it is especially important to keep your home’s air conditioning system running properly this summer. Virginia summers are known for its sweltering heat and temperatures reaching the nineties. Between the humidity, high temperatures, and lack of air this can be very uncomfortable for children and sometimes even dangerous since their body will get dehydrated faster. If you have an elderly parent or in-law living with you or anyone with a medical condition, it is imperative that your home’s temperature is properly maintained to prevent any discomfort or medical issues. Family pets will also feel the negative affects of a broken air conditioning system especially since dogs naturally have a higher body temperature than humans.

Don’t wait and don’t take a chance with your family’s quality of living this summer. Time is of an essence as the hotter days are just around the corner. The time is now to get your air conditioning system serviced or purchase a completely brand new air conditioning system just in time for another Hampton Roads summer!


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