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Air Handler Services

As one of the largest components of your cooling system, the air handler requires expert care and maintenance. We provide professional solutions to ensure your unit is working efficiently and at peak performance.

What is an Air Handler?

The air handler is usually described as a large gray or metallic-looking box that houses all the relevant sub-components of your air conditioner.  Components such as heating and cooling elements, circulation fans and blower motors, as well as the air filter and sound attenuators are all found in the air handler. This component is attached directly to your ductwork, making it a critical component for distributing cooled and condensed air throughout your home.

Common Air Handler Problems

Contamination:  When the air filter is dirty or clogged, debris can find its way into the system. Many parts of the handler require a clean environment to function properly. Contamination can lead to several systemic issues.

Overheating: If various parts of the system are straining to work efficiently, overheating can occur.  Overheating is also related to contamination if the unit is operating with a clogged air filter; this causes the unit to work harder and eventually overheat. Other issues that lead to overheating include a faulty capacitor, relay or blower motor.

Freezing: If the evaporator coil becomes contaminated, it can freeze and stop operating. If this happens, you'll notice increased humidity in your home, among other potential issues.

Structural Damage: Dents, cracks, and leaks all require professional service repairs as they can lead to contamination of the air handler.


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