Stay Cozy and Warm with Seasonal Energy Tips

Stay Cozy and Warm with Seasonal Energy Tips

When it comes to extreme cold temperatures, the first thing many of us think about is saving on our energy costs. However, many don’t realize that they can reduce their seasonal energy costs with a simple annual checkup and a few energy-saving tips. Here are a few for the upcoming cooler weather:

Fall energy-saving tips

Keeping your outdoor unit free of debris is crucial in keeping your energy costs down. Don’t allow your HVAC unit to get over run by falling leaves and branches, making heat exchange less efficient. Ensuring that your outdoor HVAC unit is free and clear is one of the easiest fall energy-saving tips that will help make sure that your system isn’t raising energy costs and wearing out your system before its time.

Winter energy-saving tips

Saving money on energy costs during the winter starts with good insulation. Consider adding weather-stripping to doors, installing double-pane windows and using insulating foam between walls. These are all great ways to lower your energy bill. Thinking about lighting a cozy fire? Just make sure you read up on fire safety tips first. Here are a few suggestions from HGTV:

Of course, aside from these seasonal energy-saving tips, if you sense any issue may be happening with your HVAC unit, contact your trusted HVAC service provider to properly diagnose the problem. You don’t want your system to shut down when you need it most.

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