Get Ready for Fall with these HVAC Maintenance Tips

Keep Home Comfy for Fall with these HVAC Maintenance Tips

Airforce Heating and Cooling is here to share a few plumbing and HVAC tips for our Norfolk and Virginia Beach residents as we head into cooler weather. As an established contractor with families of our own, we know a few things about getting your home ready to prevent future problems.  Mark these items off your “to do” list so you can rest easy about keeping your home comfy and cozy this season.

Drain Your Faucets

An often overlooked tasked! Avoid mishaps by turning off outside faucets and in-ground irrigation systems to prevent them from freezing and bursting when the temperature plummets. You’ll also want to close any shut-off valves and open outside faucets to drain the lines completely.

Schedule Your Seasonal HVAC Maintenance

Your air conditioner just ran a marathon through this muggy summer, so give it the TLC it needs!  Dirt and debris have probably built up and should be cleared now before it builds up and creates havoc next year.  Minor issues you may have noticed should be assessed and examined for underlying issues, including:

  • Odd noises or smells
  • Long cooling times
  • Short cycling (turning on and off again frequently)

Most importantly, while your technician is there, he can also check your heating system.  Inspecting your furnace now can prevent any problems before you really need that heat. Many experts recommend changing the furnace filter every few months, but a regular maintenance program should also include checking the pilot light and thermostat, and opening heating vents to make sure everything is working safely and efficiently.

Evaluate Your Yard’s Slope and Drainage System

Now is a good time to troubleshoot any drainage problems on your property. One common problem is puddling water.  Standing water can not only damage your yard and home, but also promote insect and bacteria growth.  Check that the areas surrounding your foundation are properly graded to direct the flow of water away from your home. Aim for a five-degree slope to prevent water from pooling and seeping into your basement.

If you need help, we always welcome your calls and happy to send one of our technicians to evaluate. We’ve been helping Norfolk and Va Beach residents with drainage and plumbing solutions for over 20 years. Take the steps now to avoid larger issues later. 

Assess Your Water Heater

The holidays are right around the corner and having guests over for festivities can easily turn stressful when something in your home goes wrong. If people are staying over for an extended period of time, you want to make sure that your water heater can accommodate everyone’s needs.

Pay attention to the signs now and have it serviced if you are noticing:

  • Shorter hot showers than before
  • Rusty or cloudy water
  • Rumbling noises from the heater

A simple maintenance check can help you determine if it’s time for a replacement.

DIY Maintenance You Can Do

Even though energy bills are unavoidable during winter periods, below are some ways you can use to save some money:

  • Be sure to seal any energy leaks around windows, doors, and other openings.
  • Ensure that the vents and ducts are clean, and air is circulating freely.
  • Use curtains to help keep warm air in.
  • Ensure that your thermostat is working properly.

Importance of Having a Regular Maintenance Program in Place

Remember, below are just a few of the benefits of performing regular maintenance on your HVAC system:

  • Ensures the safety and comfort of your home.
  • A regular maintenance program maintains your warranty
  • Results in cost savings and less energy consumption in the long-run

If you need professional assistance with any of the above, give Airforce Heating and Cooling a call. We’ll help you settle into the new season with peace of mind.