Considering Replacing Your Heating and AC at the Same Time? Read this

Considering Replacing Your Heating and AC at the Same Time?

Home improvement projects can be bittersweet.  Sure, they cost time, money, and resources, but in the end, you’re always glad you made the upgrade.  And when it comes to keeping the temperatures in your home comfortable, it’s no different.

One of the more common questions we get asked is whether or not homeowners should replace both units when upgrading either their heating or ac units.  Below are a few factors to consider when making your decision:

Installation costs and location.

When considering your options for HVAC upgrades, the location of your home from your service provider is an important factor. The further your home is, the more you’ll likely have to pay for installation.  Consider the money you may save by replacing both units at once and only having to pay the additional service fees one time.

Get the facts from an expert.

With all the information available today on the internet, it can be difficult to differentiate fact from fiction when you’re exploring an HVAC upgrade.

Fortunately, you can schedule a free consultation with a technician who will walk you through your options, evaluate the condition of your current units, and help you make the right decision based on your budget and your needs.

Age factor.

Furnaces and air conditioners have different lifespans, so you don’t necessarily need to upgrade one just because the other is due. For instance, air conditioners can last for up to 20 years; furnaces can keep going for an additional 10.  If both appliances are near the end of the typical “lifespan” and becoming less efficient and requiring increasing service, you may want to consider replacing both.

Whether you choose to replace one or both obviously depends on your unique circumstances, but considering all these factors can help in your decision process. More importantly, understanding how your home comfort system actually works and what it consists of is a great starting place. Read more here.

Installing energy efficient HVAC system may initially result in more upfront cost, but it is an investment guaranteed to bring in tremendous benefits in the long term, both environmentally and financially. Conserving energy doesn’t have to be complicated, so just keep these few pointers in mind when you need a new HVAC system.

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