Where to Start

After doing your research, many homeowners find more questions than answers.

Our best advice:  Get a Shade Analysis!

There is no cost and the expert will be able to answer most of the questions you may have.

The Shade Analysis will determine whether Uncle Sam will help with the cost of an array installation.  (30% to be exact)  They require documents be submitted showing an 80% or greater “full sun” coverage in order to qualify. This analysis will also determine whether or not your home, or array placement, will have energy savings benefits.

*We will not submit the documents without homeowner approval.

The expert will come out, gather the required information and begin working on the analysis.  This is the time to get your answers.  They have been educated in system installation and have navigated the vast amounts of information regarding Virginia solar incentives.  They can break it down to terms which make sense.

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